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1 Information & FAQ on Mon Nov 12, 2012 8:19 am


Clan Name:Renegade Snipers Clan Tag:{RS} or Renegade Snipers

Who are The Renegades? We are the Renegade Snipers, a clan created back in 2010 by bigdlb (aka Yuri). We are a friendly clan who like to hang out with our clan-mates. We are a hard working team and we are very competitive. We don't aim to be the best in the Ace of Spades community, but we do want to leave a lasting impression. At times we may seem strict in recruitment, but that's our way of finding skillful AoS players worthy enough of joining. Ranks Our ways of authority are based on our ranks, the higher you are, the more authority you have. It may seem unfair in the beginning, but positive behaviour will lead to quick promotion and more authority. You can only get promoted by the Sarge or Leader of Promotion. Inactive Members and Clan Hoppers. There are two things we hate; Clan hoppers and Inactive members. Inactive members are hated because they take up space in our ranking system AND they're a waste of time for the Leader of Recruitment to deal with. Clan hoppers (yes you know who you are) are the worst because they can join up to 3-4 clans at a time, and no clan member wants to see that happen. They hold no loyalty what so ever to any clan. Warning Notices Warning notices are given because of these reasons:
-Clan Hopping
-Continued Inactivity
-Hacking on any server
-Racial or swearing slurs
Any {RS} member with 2 warnings will be kicked.
Q:How do I get promoted?
A:To get promoted, you must show activeness and dedication in the forums and in-game. You also have to have decent skillz (this can be shown at the Clan Gallery or in your recruitment application.) Be respectful to your clan mates and just be a good sport. The Sarge and The Leader of Promotion are the only ones who have the power to promote members and will only promote when they think you are ready. Don't expect to be promoted the next day.

Q:Why do some people start off at a higher rank?

A:Because their applications would have showed a good amount of skillz therefore leading to a head-start in ranking.

Q:Where is my topic/post? Why was it deleted?
A:It's because you've probably either posted something unnecessary or it may have been irrelevant to the topic. The current sub-section moderators will always be checking for these things and deleting them. Q:How do I join? A: In the recruitment section. Another thing I hate would have to be people applying in the General Discussion topic. Please people, please post your applications in the recruitment area. Be sure to read the application guidelines.
Q:Where can I talk without spamming the forum?

A:Easy! Just join our clans IRC channel here

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