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Server Rules

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1 Server Rules on Mon Nov 12, 2012 8:58 am


Below are the rules and regulations for or server. Make sure you follow them to make your stay at the RS hotel as grief-free as possible Smile


1.No Cheating! No Hacks! - Doing anything to give yourself an unfair advantage over another player is deeply frowned upon! (Will result in a 5 day ban at first, if he/she does it again will result in a perm ban)**

2.No spamming the chat (Will result in a 5 minute mute)**

3.No Griefing! - You may destroy structures to help clean up, or if an admin allows you to, but do not destroy any structure that is not your own. (Will result in a temporary disability from building)**

4.Cussing is allowed, BUT! You may not cuss at other people. And please keep it within reasonable bounds (Will result in a 10 minute mute)**

5.Racial Slurs, at people and saying in general, can be very offensive and will result in a perma-mute.*


Now if you won't follow these rules you can say good bye to your privileges.

That pretty much covers the rules for now.

Admin, Mod, Trusted players, and Builder rules

Admins have full power but they will not abuse their power in any way. If you see an admin abusing their power please report them to the RS forums!

Mods are like admins without a whole lot of commands, but that doesn't mean you don't respect them and if you see one abusing their powers, please report them to the RS forums right away!

Trusted players will never be votekicked unless by someone of power. Trusted players please don't use aimbot hacks or cheats! You will be stripped of your password if you get caught!

Builders: Builders have a lot of commands for a builder, but mostly god, If you want to build please build in your spawn, now if you want to build baracades, you can use god, BUT do not use god blocks. and once you are done please get out of god mod or what ever you did and fight!

That is about it, except for other stuff see below...

**If you have been banned! Or permamuted! Please report it to server appeals section, and tell what happened, as admin will look into it and see what they can do. If he/she feels you were in the wrong, you will continue to be banned/muted. That is all!

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