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Application Template

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1 Application Template on Mon Nov 12, 2012 9:34 am


Below is a breakdown of what an application is meant to look like. Make sure you read everything below, and be careful to answer every question. You may be denied if your application is lacking in substance.

Step Number One
Before you decide to create an application to this clan, make sure to read this & this

If you have read those two threads, then you have completed step number one.

Step Number Two
Begin your application with a few sentences introducing yourself. Tell us about your interests, and why you decided to apply to RS. Talk about yourself, about what you enjoy and don't enjoy. What you prefer to do. Any hobbies, past-times or sports that you enjoy doing. Look at it as a form of mini-biography.

Step Number Three
Fill out the template below, and make sure to answer all of the criteria, unless it has been marked "Optional".

IGN (In Game Name):


Most Kills: [A screenshot is absolutely necessary unless someone can vouch for you. No more exceptions. If you don't have a screenshot, then you will be asked for one. If one is not provided within a week, your application will be denied].

Describe your play style: [We want to know a bit more about yourself. Tell us about your play style, and what weapons you prefer to play with. Tell us about any techniques you use, any buildings you use to to help yourself. We're always interested in a person who thinks outside the box].

When you are most active: Please be specific. Don't just say "All the time".

Timezone: [We need your timezone to help organise matches. This is a necessity, and if you do not include it, you will be asked. If you fail to tell us within a week, you will be denied].

Facebook (Optional):

Skype (Optional):

Step Number Four
End your application with a conclusion, stating why you believe you are suited to this clan, and anything else that you think would be worth adding.

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