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Recruitment Procedure

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1 Recruitment Procedure on Mon Nov 12, 2012 9:36 am


Recruitment Procedure

I understand that most people probably don't want to read the Terms of Entry for this clan, but I recommend that you do so, as it will speed up your own recruitment. Below is the basic procedure of recruitment, as of 11/4/2012.
You can find the Terms of Entry here

When you make your application, The Leader of Recruitment will look it over. If he/she knows you, and knows you're good, then he/she may let you in then and there.

However, to make sure we don't recruit any undesirables, if the Leader does not know you, and no one we trust can vouch for you, then he/she will request that you play in-game with him/her, or another RS member to check out your skills.

Since people have good days and bad days, we will give a person two chances to impress us. If the person playing in-game with you thinks you are good enough, then you will be let in. If you fail to impress us at both chances, you will be rejected.

This may seem harsh, but RS almost crumbled because we let in useless trash. We won't make that mistake again. The reason the Komrades, for example, are so great is because they only let in the best of the best. While our harsh method of recruitment may limit the number of applications we recieve, at least we won't have a clan full of idiots.

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