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Terms of Entry

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1 Terms of Entry on Mon Nov 12, 2012 9:36 am


Hello there, potential recruit.

We are the Renegade Snipers. We are not a hard clan to join, but we do have terms. These are stated below. Please note that some terms may not apply to you. It is up to you to figure out which terms apply to you. As the present Leader of Recruitment, I have a great responsibility to make sure that the people I let into this clan can be trusted. Please understand that the below terms will aid me in determining your characters.

Here are the terms and conditions:

If you have just come from another clan, we will, in all probability, check up on you with the members of your old clan. This is so that we can limit the number of clanhoppers and bad characters in our clan. Do not worry, we will endeavour to keep your privacy. Unless you had a good reason for leaving your old clan, we will not accept you. If you left your clan for a poor reason, it means that you can't be trusted to stay in this clan. You must specify why you left your old clan. It will be up to me, or one of the clan leaders to decide whether your reason is good enough.

In this clan, we are all civil to each other. Please realise that bad behaviour towards any member of this clan will not be tolerated. If you have a problem with one of the members of this clan, talk to Varun, Quikc, GamingFTW or SgtBagel about it. We will not tolerate our forums being used to settle petty squabbles.

Don't expect to start at the top. When you enter this clan, you will be given the position of newbie. Positive behaviour and regular posts will lead to quick promotion. The leaders of promotion will rank you up when they see fit, and not before.

Don't expect to be given admin of our servers straight away. Admin is a great privilege, and to prevent members from abusing it, we only give it to a select few of our members. If this meets with your disapproval, then tough. You can't expect to be given admin powers on entry. Please understand that this is for the good of the clan. No disrespect is intended.

Don't expect to be given a job straight away. Jobs are given to trusted members of the RS community. If you prove yourself to the clan, then you can expect your applications to jobs to be treated with consideration, although that is not to say that you will get the job.

If you are rejected from this clan, please do not spam our forums asking why. If you do want to know why, Private Message myself or another RS member. We reject few people, but if you are rejected, there will almost definitely be a reason for it.

We do not accept multiclanners. You must either quit your previous clan, or revoke your application to this clan.

Give us a time and date that will work for you, and we will try to get an RS member to test you out. Sometimes people have bad days, so we will allow a person two chances to impress us. If they fail to impress us in both situations, they will be rejected.

There are some things we look for in good applications:

We value good spelling, grammar, and sentence structure quite highly. If you show a sound grasp of those attributes, we will look more favourably on your application.

For example "Wassup i wanna apply for rs because its a cool clan" is not going to impress us. We look for serious applications from calm and collected people.

We all know that spelling, grammar, punctuation make up the English language, along with the letters themselves.
Use fullstops, commas and if you don't know how to spell a word properly, look it up, or at least try your best. We won't mind too terribly if there are one or two mistakes.

Thank you for reading. If you accept the terms, then please feel free to apply for our clan. For our clan to succeed, we need the best.

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