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{RS} Server Appeal

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1 {RS} Server Appeal on Mon Nov 12, 2012 8:57 am


Okay here is where you can appeal your banmute of what ever happened to you in the –RenegadeSnipers CTF– Server. Please follow the instructions below

To be appeal you have to fill out a application of what happened and wait until a admin or someone of high athority checks it out!

Please copy this application below and fill it out then post it.

What is your Your in game name (IGN)
Why did you get banned
Who banned you
Why should we unban you
Was it a mute
Was it a ban
Do yo play our server quite often
Fully Explain what happened to your fullest extent.

Please fill this out above then post it, a admin or a mod if needed and owners of any kind will check it out then see what we can do.

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